Thursday, 27 February 2014

ABSPD module 4

Two of the Dotty Wrens got a lovely mention in the massive promo campaign for the new ABSPD module 4 today. Susan and Wendy are featured in the lovely online brochure for the course which starts on March 24th. They both did the very first course run by Rachael Taylor
Even though they both had successful design careers and many years experience already behind them they still enjoyed the course and the series of classes is open to everyone, not just professional designers. See here for details on all the modules. 

And if that's not your thing it's my big aim in life to run a course on my area of expertise....How To Draw A Happy keep your eyes peeled for that one! Coming soon...ish...perhaps... :)

Dawn x


  1. Congrats ladies! I'm waiting anxiously for your happy bunny course :)

  2. ha ha...we'll keep you posted Faye :) xxx