Friday 2 January 2015

calendar...January 2015

So busy last year that you forgot to buy a calendar? Didn't find one you liked? Then worry no more! Dotty Wren Studio to the rescue!
You can print this out and stick it on your wall :)
Admittedly it's not gonna be much use if you need to write in Auntie Mildred's birthday. Or your dental appointment. But it'll look nice. And that's all that matters. Write the birthdays in your diary :)
We're gonna take it in turns all year so keep your eyes peeled every month people...
Dawn x

A4 and you'll get a high res pic to print or save....

8x10" the pic!

desktop and save...


  1. Thank you! Very cute January. Looking forward to the other months now :-)

  2. Happy New Year! Love your art and soul! :)
    Thank you for the cute calendar! xo

  3. What a cute website and calendar. Just came across it today trying to find kids calendars. So glad I stumbled across it - love your illustrations.