Friday 15 November 2013

New York Digs!

We have booked our digs in New York for next May! It took a little while back and forth, we had a checklist,  Location...proximity to Surtex... bathrooms...bedrooms and roof terrace (obviously)

So we found some nice apartments, mailed them and then waited for them to email us back which they didn't, So we looked again found another which ticked all the boxes GONE.

Great so we booked a Hotel instead its a bit posh... which means we will probably all want a whole new wardrobe and nicer luggage too! it is lovely though and it has a roof terrace (obviously)....

Susan xx

Wednesday 13 November 2013

I don't know about the other Dotty birds but, at the end of each day, my desk resembles this... a fine balancing act of bits of paper and many cups of tea (but minus the cute birds, sadly haven't got any of them flying about my mac.) I've even started to get my daughter to make me a cup when she gets home from school. I'm all about teaching her important life skills! :-)
Lizzie x

Friday 1 November 2013

little bird house

So we needed a picture on the that was like all of us not just one of us. And as we all live miles away from each other we couldn't just nip round, have a coffee (wine) and rustle up a quickie piccie.
So Lizzie set us a project. She sent us a birdhouse template each with instructions to colour it in and make it look super.
So we did.
This is what we all came up with....

Then we put them together and made this...
Cool! It's on our website now.
It will stay there till Lizzie sets us a new project. Its like being back at art school :-)

Dawn x